How to Setup the Renovation Vineyard Church Center App    

Step One: Add our new Church Application called Church Center to your device

  •       Get Started by downloading the application from your app store.
  •       Open the app.
  •       Choose your Church (type in Renovation Vineyard in Longs SC (or use location finder).     
  •       Add your mobile number and insert the verification code you receive for security. (You can choose to use your email address instead of mobile number).
  •       From this app. You can access your group, check the church calendar, email members of your group, find the YouVersion, check out Pastor Rick’s blog, and give. The following instructions make giving easy.     

Step Two: Setup one time for Giving

  •       Choose the setup icon at the top right of RVC’s logo.
  •       Setup Payment Method for Giving (you can add your credit card or your banking information.)

Step Three: Give first time

  •       Use the Giving Button.
  •       Enter amount to give – as little as $5
  •       Choose Tithes and Offerings, Missions, or another option as the destination in our budget for your gift.
  •       Choose One time or recurring gift (you can set up a regular gift or tithe recurring so you don’t miss a tithe or gift).
  •       Click the “cover the processing fee” (if you’d like to cover this for the church).
  •       Confirm your gift.
  •       And done! The next time you give it’s a two-click secure process - you can give through the app easily now that you are setup. If you choose later to give on the website or give through text-to-give, the app is ready to help.

Alternate Website Instructions:

If you choose to give from our website, go to and, in a separate tab, open this short tutorial:

How to Setup the Renovation Vineyard Church Center App. Icon

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